Future Synth Records

Label Profile: Future Synth Recordings is one of best electronic music record label based in Turkey.Label was founded in 2011.The first release of this label named 21street - Spectral Touches was released on 2011 october. Please feel free to send us demos to:info@futuresynthrecords.com

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E.V.O.X - Weekend EP Out Now

Inc. 21street&Givor Paradis,Digitek and Air-Lines Remixes

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21street - H2SO4 Part II Remixes

Incl. remixes by Raf Fender,Yuji Ono and One Million Toys

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Yuji Ono - Round The Clock

Incl. G-Low & Alex MilLenium Remixes

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Kash Trivedi Latin Spirit

Incl. Digitek ,Karlos Cheadle, Meher Khairi Remixes

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Erik Iker - Start Of Something EP

Incl. great remixes by Thorin,Moshe Edri,Adnan Jakubovic and Morttagua Remixes !!!

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